Tania T1196 Purple-Pink


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Product information "Tania T1196 Purple-Pink"
This is our Tania, one of the Lookhatme all-time stars. We also call this model a turban with a scarf or a scarf hat because the scarf is sewn to a chemo hat.

The turban Tania is made of a beautiful silk / viscose scarf completely attached to a comfortable chemo hat made of Thermo°Cool™ fabric.

The properties of Thermo°Cool™ fabric are: moisture-regulating and heat-regulating. This makes it pleasant to wear and keeps your head warm when necessary and allows moisture to pass through when you get a little warmer.

The Tania is the bigger sister of the Sofia scarf band. The difference is that the Tania has a chemo hat to which the scarf is sewn, while the Sofia has a headband without a top where the scarf is sewn to the band. This makes the Sofia especially suitable during the warmer days and hot summers.

Note: The stitching of the hat is on the outside of the hat. So it seems as if you put the hat on the wrong way on your head, but that is how it should be. Then you wrap the scarf around the hat and turn it into a turban.

The scarf is wrapped twice around the hat and fastened with a button or bow in the neck. Fringes at the ends. Optionally, the cap underneath can still be visible, or not. Basic knotting instructions are included in the package.

This scarf hat is designed as a chemo hat or alopecia totalis (not androgenetics / areata) headwear. Thermo°Cool™ fabric in combination with tying a scarf yourself is not very practical if your hair grows back properly or if you have partial hair loss. The fabric then slides easily because you are working with the scarf.

Please note that the scarf is quite fragile, so make sure that there is no tension or tension on it.

If you are not so handy with knotting yourself or if you have limited hand functions, it is probably better to opt for a pre-tied chemo hat such as the Mano.

Suitable for a head size of 50 cm to 59 cm.

This is a hand wash item.
Scarf: 40% Silk, 60% Viscose