Payment / Shipping


At Lookhatme you as a business customer can place your order via the webshop. After completing your order, you can pay for the order using one of the following methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Online after receiving a payment link
  • directly online via payment platform Multisafepay

If you have received permission from Lookhatme, there is also the possibility to pay the bill within 14 days.


Please check the list underneath for the shipping cost indication to your country. Mentioned prices are exclusive of VAT (VAT is not applicable for intra-Community VAT transfer). If your country is not mentioned, please send us an email with your country and address and we can look for the shipper and price.

If you want to use a different carrier, you can. Let us know in advance and we will pass on the costs to you.

Shipping to other countries*

*Rates may change

Price in €
Austria€ 10,75DPD
Belgium€ 7,50DPD
Bulgaria€ 27,00DPD
Croatia€ 25,00UPS
Cyprus€ 30,00DHL
Czech Rep.€ 15,00DPD
Denmark€ 11,00DPD
Estonia€ 17,00DPD
Finland€ 22,50DPDno Aland islands 22100 – 22950
France€ 12,50DPD
Germany€ 9,25DPDno islands, 78266, 27498
Greece€ 25,00UPS
Hungary€ 15,00DPD
Iceland€ 27,00PostNL GlobalpackDDU (Duties Unpaid)
Ireland€ 19,00UPS
Italy€ 16,00DPDno Livigno, Campione d’Italia, San Marino
Latvia€ 15,00DPD
Lithuania€ 20,00DPD
Luxemburg€ 10,00DPD
Malta€ 30,00DHL
Norway€ 27,50UPSDDU (Duties Unpaid)
Poland€ 15,00DPD
Portugal€ 17,00DPDno islands
Rumania€ 17,00DPD
Slovakia€ 16,00DPD
Slovenia€ 17,00DPD
Spain€ 17,00DPDno islands, Ceuta, Melilla
Sweden€ 15,00DPD
Switzerland€ 30,00UPSDDU (Duties Unpaid)
U.K.€ 14,00UPSDDU (Duties Unpaid)
Australia€ 42,00DHLDDU (Duties Unpaid)
Canada€ 39,00DHLDDU (Duties Unpaid)
Netherlands Antilles€ 35,00PostNL GlobalpackDDU (Duties Unpaid)
New Zealand€ 43,00DHLDDU (Duties Unpaid)
South Africa€ 35,00PostNL GlobalpackDDU (Duties Unpaid)
Suriname€ 35,00PostNL GlobalpackDDU (Duties Unpaid)
U.S.A.€ 39,00DHLDDU (Duties Unpaid)