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Lookhatme: Designs with Passion

Lookhatme designs and makes the most beautiful chemo hats, turbans, and scarfs for women - since the 2006

Production within EU
High Quality
Unique Designs 

Quality and design have been paramount at Lookhatme

Lookhatme is progressive in the design of new models and the innovative use of materials. This creates a nice match between qualitative and comfortable fabrics and fit every time, creating a headgear that is comfortable to wear and looks beautiful. Because Lookhatme designs have a unique appearance.
From the moment we started in 2006, we have put a lot of effort into designing for a few key customer groups, namely:
  • the women who lose their hair due to chemotherapy. Chemotherapy causes sensitive skin and so it is important to take this into account when designing the hat that directly touches the skin. We therefore always try to make as few noticeable seams as possible because those seams can irritate the skin. The choice of fabrics for this customer group is also very important.
  • The women who lose all or part of their hair due to Alopecia.
In addition, all who are looking for nice headcovers are of course welcome. For example, the Maya hats are suitable for everyone and have an elegance that suits women of all ages and cultures.
The origin of materials is taken into account and the production of our models takes place in the Netherlands and Belgium. By purchasing and producing locally, we contribute to the local economy and employment and we keep the carbon footprint lower than companies that have moved their production to Asia because of the lower wages.

Chemo hats Lookhatme

Our Methode

Since the start of Lookhatme in 2006, the focus has been on sustainable fabrics and practical and fashionable models. The guiding principle has always been the wearing comfort for women who have to deal with hair loss. That is why we try to use as few noticeable seams as possible in the hats. In addition, we work with soft, breathable and quick-drying fabrics for pleasant wearing comfort.

Chemo hats Lookhatme


Lookhatme hats and turbans are designed for all women. Nevertheless, since our start, Lookhatme has paid special attention to women who sought head coverings because they had hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia, for example.

Special attention has therefore been paid to this when designing the hats and turbans, so that there are as few seams as possible on the skin and soft and breathable fabrics are used.

Cotton Comfort® - The cotton we use in the Lookhatme models is a knitted cotton with a polyamide mesh front, a hollow fiber that has the property to wick away moisture and thus allow the cotton to dry faster.

Thermo° Cool™ - A brand of the Lycra® Company - It is a yarn that helps regulate body temperature and humidity. Thanks to the speed of evaporation of perspiration, the turban or cap appears to be dry and is therefore much more pleasant to wear on the skin than other yarns that do not wick away moisture, such as viscose.